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MG1 (Multi-purpose Glider) - ARF
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Wing Span : 78 in / 1980 mm (long wings) or 63 in / 1600 mm (short wings)
Wing Area : 666.5 sq in / 43 sq dm (long wings) or 542.5 sq in / 35 sq dm (short wings)
Flying Weight : 38 oz / 1080 g (propeller power) or 44 oz / 1250g (ducted fan power)
Fuselage Length : 42.5 in / 1085 mm
Engine Required :  
Radio Required : 3-channel radio w/2 micro servos (long wings) or 4-channel radio w/4 micro servos (short wings)
Others : Propeller Power: Outrunner motor KM28321030 w/propeller adaptor HW2340400, 10x6 propeller set, 25A brushless ESC, 3 cells 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po battery & charger. Ducted Fan Power: Ducted fan propulsion unit PL6800010 and outrunner motor KM0283111, 30A (Burst 35A) brushless ESC, 3 cells 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po battery & charger.
Instruction Manual :

One plane for all occasions? We have designed a multi-purpose glider for you.
The glider comes with short wings with ailerons for slope soaring, and long wing tips to change to a thermal glider. You can add electric power system to perform hot aerobatics with the short wings, and stable thermal seeking flight with the long wings.
For high speed maneuver, put on a ducted fan system and you can push the limit. Want to do some FPV flying? Put on the long wing tips and you have a stable aerial platform with unobstructed camera view.
Tentative delivery date is about December 2016, we will update as demand and production gets along. Shipping will be quoted when we are ready to ship, as it will depends on quantities and final destination.

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